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The Creator of this Game is now a part of Solid Spark

What is B.E.A.R

B.E.A.R is a Top Down Shooter where the Universe is Populated by animals instead of humans. An epidemic has broken out and the Animals are getting a taste for their own kind. You must fight through the levels to beat these made creatures and find the Rebellion!

Why did I stop production

I had great fun designing this and I had quite a lot of ideas in place for it but the one thing holding me back was assets, it was hard seeing the game I had designed at first when I was using primitive cubes and when I made the switch to paid assets the game felt 100x different but the more I worked on it, the more it didn't feel like my game because I was using someone elses assets that were publicly available. I wanted to wait until I was able to create the game in it's own image.


BEARGame.zip 23 MB